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As I advance, na that same moment car slow down… Person wan come down, as the person dey march dey come back, na so I codedly shout “pure water!!!”.. As person wey dey sell pure water come, I come dey ask am whether he get N1000 change. The guy come say make I bring the money make him go get the change come… See me see wahala o (Yana so ya nuna mun wayo), na me dis guy wan turn Johnson? I tell the guy make e no bother…. Meanwhile the person wey wan drop, don do so. At once na im I say make I settle down to unfinished business, the moment I say make I turn, na dat same moment na im the babe hand go under my bag find my d.ckson. I pause for mid-breath… The girl carry her hand go up, draw am come down as if she dey measure the size. E no even bother me, cos I know say mo ye gifted!!! (Am Endowed). As I dey say make I relax, na so her hand find the cap of my manliness o, she come begin dey stroke am gentle…. Come close her eyes like say na she dem dey stroke. For my mind na im I come say, why I even dull dey look the babe, she don succeed reach my manliness, and I just dey dull myself. 

Piam, my finger come stretch imsef towards the familiar warmness, the middle one come jam with small fluffy obstruction. The bush wey dey over dat V-Shape stuff. I come smooch am small dey feel the roughness on my skin. As I dey smooch am dey go, the girl dey tickle my Joystick.son cap. Slowly I come carry my fingers rest on the already swollen c.litoris dey rub, gentle… The place don already dey wet, automatically, my finger just curve… Locate the hole, na so I dip am enter, the muscle wey dey the surrounding just contract con squeeze my finger. I look the girl face, one kind queer queer smile just dey on top. Ungwanu, one hand dey on top bobbi, the other one dey swim inside kitty, na so I proceed to finger p h u c k am o…… In and out, na so my fingers dey go, dey give the desired sensation. The girl ma increase the tempo wey she dey carry stroke my D.ickson, o’boy, the thing come dey sweet me die…. Meanwhile all the stroking na outside e dey happen as the vibration for her body no allow her unzip my zippers.

D bus dey advance dey reach my bus-stop, I dey calculate dey reason whether make I proceed or make I just drop for my bus-stop. My mind come turn to two, the one wey dey reason normal and the one wey dey reason under the influence of alcoholic ecstasy (pardon my grammar). Na the one under alcoholic ecstasy na im win o. Na so I reason am say make I tell the babe say I don dey reach my bus-stop, as I whisper am anter her ear, her hand just pause…….

She come look me for my eyes, wetin I see inside her eyes na plea, as she come start to dey talk, my heart come melt… She come tell me say, abeg, make I follow her reach her place, say wetin I start, I gat’s finish am… abi I want make passion kill am. My mouth fell open and I was like, I never bargained for this, all I wanted was just some little touching here and there and not blooowing a total stranger. I started thinking of how I was gonna escape, I told her, this aint happening, cos I am not going to your place. For heaven sake, we just met in a bus. Moreover, you refused to tell me what your name is. The way she kept silent made me had this feeling that I had won, cos my heart was already reasoning my gf. I am going to explode so much in her, am not going to get excited and allow my precipitate remain in me. I was secretly telling myself that am a genius, sticking my hands into a stranger’s Kitty-Cat aint a child’s play, that chance doesn’t come every day, in fact it comes once in a million years, and am that lucky person today being the beginning of a million years. 

Whilst my heart was in a state of jubilation my face was hard. I was even beginning to act like the girl irritates me. Meanwhile, her hand was still on my GUN, I acted like I wanted to shove her hand aside, when I felt this tightening grip. The grip seemed to be growing tighter with each passing moment. Kai, mai na saka kai na a ciki (what have I gotten myself into). The next thing was the girls voicing changing into a hard one filled with threat telling me that she’s going to scream that I have been molesting her. I couldn’t bear to imagine the reaction I was going to get from my fellow passengers. My arm was still drafted round her right inside her trousers; the other one has loosed interest on the bosoms it was massaging, what other evidence do they need to let all hell loose on my head? I tried to remove the other hand from her kitty, but instead of allowing me, she pressed her back to the chair and at the same time giving my manliness a hard squeeze which by this time has turned flaccid. It was painful o!!! Even the softness of the hand did nothing to ease the pain I felt at that moment, my heart was already hitting like a drum. Someone close to me could hear it and do the Zulu dance if only he would listen attentively.

What have I gotten myself into? How could something which started well have such an unpleasant end? The questions kept coming. I shook myself, looked at her and in the calmest voice said to her “ma’am, your wish is my command”. She looked at me and grunted, then I proceeded to ask her to leave my hand and Joystick alone that anywhere she goes “I go dey follow follow you o”. She freed my hand but held onto my Joystick lightly telling me that she is being cautious. I allowed her, then I started talking again, I asked her name, which she gave to me as Chinenye. Chai!!! Igbo babe…. No big deal sha… She wants it, am going to give it to her and that means me not pounding my gf that that night. As we passed my bus-stop, I kept turning back and staring at it until she gave a tuck on mi What’s the girl’s own with my Johnson self. Ba kyau fa(e no good o). I looked at her and forced a smile… What the hell, am still going to get laid, but I just pray the babe no turn am to fetish.

That thought alone made me shudder, imagine being tied to the bed post, flogged and then screwed. Surprisingly the next bus-stop we got to turned out to be hers, how am I going to get up with her hands still on my Joystick? I asked myself. As if reading my thought, her hand slipped off my Joystick and she leaned and whispered into my ears that we are dropping off. The hand changed its position to the helm of my shirt. Me I no come send o, I just sheepishly stand-up, hail the conductor come down with the babe right behind me dey pull my clothe. As soon as we stepped outside the bus, she said I shouldn’t try anything funny as am going to regret it. She said the moment I try to break into a run will mark the end of my handsomeness. WAIYO ALLAH See threat and blackmail at the same time. She waved a bike man, said I should climb first and climbed right behind me. 

The bike man just concentrated on his bike, I did all I could to make the bike man uncomfortable but the guy gree die o. instead of getting angry, he just sped on stupidly. Was I annoyed, yes, did I shout, no, still baffles me up till now. As we rounded a bend, we came to a stop in front of a house painted light orange with a giant gate. Around the houses were flowers of different kinds growing. She knocked at the gate, and immediately it was opened by the gateman, allowing us into one of the most beautiful mansion I have ever seen. The kind of houses you see in all these ritualist movies, the type that has large acres of land before reaching the main house. I was shaking all over me, she did not even ask the gateman anything, she just walked into the house with me, her meat, confidently. Well, wetin man go do? I followed her sheepishly like a sheep to the slaughter house. When she opened the main door and allowed us in, I was taken aback by the rare beauty of the place. Nice antique furniture, paintings…. Infact, the living room looked like one from Harry Potter.

She pointed to a chair and told me to sat down which I promptly did, looking me in the eye, she rolled her lips seductively and advanced in a seductive step towards me. She came slowly and climbed on top of me. I just sat like a robot looking at her, not even flinching a muscle when she finally rested on my coc.k. Imagine falling of hands, that day, my Johnson proved to me that it has a mind of its own as it nodded it head slowly as soon as there was a contact between her soft Bottom and my rooster. Still looking at me in that seductive manner, she slowly brought her face towards mine…. See acting, immediately I shifted my face only for her to forcefully turn my face towards am, then she planted her lips on mine. O’boy, see as I hold my lips hard, wetin this babe mean kissing me ahn!! Ahn!!, (duniyan nan, akwai bala’i….) When I still remained in that robotic position, she took my hands and placed it on her gifted bums, those nice mounds of hers. The softness of it in my hand further provoked my as it strained itself a bit. By now, I was beginning to feel a little bit relax. No threat in the air, just lust hanging and I could feel it. As my hand remained on her bum motionless, she brought her bosoms straight to my face. I found my face stuck between it and though small it was, it was choking me. Taking cue, I squeezed her Bottom a bit, then squeezed it some more. By now my has grown so much that I had to adjust a bit to give it a little space.

With my face between her bosoms, my hands on her backside, I proceeded to knead it like flour. I squeezed, pinched and finally what I stopped myself from doing the other time, I did. I slowly brought her trousers down, dipped my hand in and started massaging and squeezing the yansh. She just held my face to her bosoms lightly, me just keep squeezing her yansh in reckless abandon. The next thing, my mind just register say make I teach the girl lesson. Immediately, I inserted my finger into her arsehole, she shuddered and released a little moan. I went further still, I inserted it in again and this time pushed it deeper and slowly started poking her Bottom-hole in and out. Her grip on my head was getting tighter and the pain in my Joystick was becoming unbearable. I stopped the Bottom-poking and proceeded to play with the line between her Kitty-Cat and Bottom-hole, I was just going up and down with my fingers stopping a bit at the mouth of her Kitty-Cat (the place don already wet dey ooze juice o), then go back and start all over again. No talking between the two of us, only the escape of moans here and there. As I was busy doing the double manipulation, she proceeded to remove her bosoms and fed it in abundance to my mouth. I took in one of the swollen unmentionable, gave it a little bite, took a deep suck and gave it another bite, her breathing pattern changed to gasping and trust me, I started chewing the unmentionable lightly, all the while playing with her womanliness-hole and Bottom-hole at the same time.

Picture me seating on a couch, almost lying down on it then a lady ontop of me with her pants slightly down and her bosom right in my mouth with my hardened rod in-between her legs. Very uncomfortable abi? That was how I felt, but the sensation I was feeling at that moment made me to over look it, infact I no even mind at all. I just kept up with the manipulation, my Joystick at its bursting limit. I moved her a little bit so that that my Johnson could get a little air, then this crazy idea occurred to me. As my Joystick was in the open, I stopped the manipulation and used the hand to undo my zippers, move my boxers to a side and brought out my Johnson. As it came out, I bent it a little bit, searching for the Kitty-Cat. As the Bottom came back on my lap, I slowly inserted my Joystick within the trousers towards the dripping Kitty-Cat. With her trouser still on, she adjusted a little then from outside, used her hand to guide my Joystick into her Kitty-Cat. Gosh… The sensation that went through my body and the satisfying moan she gave when I entered with the tightening of her Kitty-Cat muscle made me feel the rush of my precipitate. I paused a bit, swallowed saliva to stop the precipitate from cuming (English from Havard), then started rocking her from below (no word spoken between us). The Kitty-Cat was a little tight, the Bottom massive and the body perfect. I just held unto her Bottom, opened it wider so I could gain deeper penetrations as she bounced slowly on top of me. This continued for the next five minutes, then her bouncing started accelerating, her moan become louder “ash… ooooh…..sssssss……’s sweet……” I just half laid there giving her my Joystick slowly and taking deep breath. Then pulling her trouser down a bit (still riding me), she proceeded to ride me faster, my breath was now coming in puffs, when all of a sudden, she removed my Joystick from her Kitty-Cat, fixed it in between the space between her trouser and her Kitty-Cat, then bring my Joystick to her Kitty-Cat, she started rocking her femalecore with it. Bouncing up and down and rubbing it, the sensation was so out of this world. Soon she started vibrating, shaking violently and then let out a loud moan…. She came all over my trouser… as she was trying to catch her breath, I promptly inserted my Joystick into her and she moved a bit then I started rocking her again. As I fuccked her furiously from under, she bounced harder from the top. I continued until I started feeling myself coming….. Noticing it, she bounced all the more faster, me just bone, no wan allow any sound comot from my mouth except the puffs, this made her to bounce all the more faster, and then she started vibrating. Her Kitty-Cat wall engulfed my manliness in a tight embrace and as she came… with a loud roar (I surprised even myself), I came, shooting my Fluid deep into her puss.y. 

I was breathless for like thirty seconds…. Mehn!!! TOTO sweet… No be lie…. Even strangers own
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