28 Jan 2013 - 04:00:28 pm
Just like you,I also thought I was done with this series but You certainly won't believe Who showed up at my door two nights ago. Well, You may not be too surprised. It was The Mystery guy Eric.
          The tap on the door was a very soft one. I had just swallowed the last fork of spagetti when I heard the Knock. I opened the door, and to my greatest surprise, Eric stood before me. Whatever gave this guy guts was really good. I looked down the corridor, pushed him into the room and slammed the door. Against my will, I had to lock the door.
          " Why the hurry? You can't wait to lay your hands on me? " Hope you remember that smile. He had it on now. This is doom.
          " Certainly No. My Landlady is a freak. She will pack my loads out of this house herself if she ever perceives a guy in this room." I didn't Know whether to be angry or what. My last sexcapade with this cutie cost me my boyfriend and I am certainly not going to lose my accomodation because of him. Cost of living is getting high.
          " You look good"n He said. And I remembered. A transparent singlet on a bumb short is definitely the wrong thing to wear when Eric isn in the same room with you. Just about anything turns him on. I grabbed a house coat from the bed and wore. His gaze was still on me.
          " Sit down." I had to distract him. unfortunately, I didn't have any other place for him to sit apart from the bed. Emlina, a lodgemate had just borrowed the only plastic chair I had in the room. So he sat on the bed and I sat beside him. INTIMATE. For a while, we sat silent. Itn was only the deadly blues that was singing from my radio that occupied the air. INTIMATE.
          " Do you care for spag?"
          " All I care for is You." he was not taking his sexy eyes off me. That was when In perceived his mascolino perfume. Godb help me. I swear, I am not always like this with men. Ask Godwin. Khryztie would boldly walk you out and slam the door on your face; but with Eric, his stare alone was enough to weaken my bones. A screw tightened in my chest.
          " Look I know what you are thinking. But forget it. The last time you banged me, I lost a boyfriend.........." my voice was sloppy. I could still see Frank's face when he caught us on the bed. tears were rolling down his face when he asked me " Baby, how could you do this to me? I thought we had a thing going" 
          "Yes we do. Believe me. I don't even know how he ended up on my bed." That was the dumbest and silliest thing I've ever said ever since I learnt how to make sentences and combine vowels. it was really painful when Frank told me to go to hell. And so looking at Eric now, sitting on the same bed with me, I knew that I couldn't take another risk. 
          "well, am sorry you lost him and I am here to apologise." You could mistake his look and voice as sincereity but I knew better.
          " Thanks. You've made your point, hope you don't mind leaving."
          " I am truely sorry. i know you love him and you still do..............." I snatched the words from him.
          " You don't know anything about how I feel. I loved him and I still do. He opened up a new dawn in my life. Healed me of the wound you created in my heart.............." This is the point where I despise My phlegmatic nature so much. Any little thing makes me sob like I was sobbing now. Eric saw an opportunity. he rested my head on his shoulder and began a professional cuddling.
          " I hate to see you like this" He was talking into my hair. That was so sexy. But I kept on sobbing. I was really missing Frank. His hand started carressing my back. I almost slept off. My sobbing reduced.
          " Baby, how do you feel now?"
          " Better"
          " Trust me, you'lln be fine soon." The sexiness of his voice was enough to make me give in to any suggestion he might come up with. It has been ages since I felt love in touch. Actually, he was the last and it wasn't too bad. So I grabbed my opportunity. I leaned deeper into his chest. Almost crashing him. This guy was so not a learner. he took up the clue and advanced. His lips started kissing my hair. I brought my hand to his chest and began rubbing. " Khryztie, This is a very lousy behaviour and will certainly land you in troubles." my heart was banging this warning. The signal was recieved by my head and against my will, the hand that was rubbing the chest made a slight push. I stood up from the bed, straightened my coat and moved my hair back. Eric stood with me. I moved back and before long, i found my shoulder blades pressed against the cold yellow wall. With no escape route, I found myself looking up at the handsome charmer from my past. Eric leaned in and pressed his palm against the wall behind me, pinning me with his piercing blue eyes.
          " I know that warning. You probably think I am a slut. I have many girls in the line up and just want to add you to that list. I know you think its a huge mistake going down with me." His expression was dead serious despite his warmth a moment ago. The passion that every inch of my body remembered was blazing in his eyes just as erotic as the blues from the radio that was becoming fierce. I could hardly breathe when he looked at me that way. My chest tightened, my pulse quickened, my belly clenched. For a moment, I thought we were going to remain in that position till the next day, but he just stood erect, adjusted his botton down shirt and walked out.
                                                                                                       ..............................TO BE CONTINUED.
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Comment from: Guest [ Visitor ]
had always know u gat this thing. Brilliant chap kudos to ya
   2013-01-28 @ 04:38:18 pm
Comment from: Admin [ Member ]
Pls ignore every typographical error. I typed in a hurry
   2013-01-28 @ 04:45:18 pm

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