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The aliens are here. I could bet my life on it. What was worse? They have invaded my room. oops! The queen alien was on me.silky and hairy. Her arms wrapped lovingly round my stomach. Big black eyes starring deeply into mine. She was fully dressed in a white coloured coat that had red-fur lined from the sleeves. And she was whispering into my ears. Yank! I flew her away from my body. My eyes sprang open and my head released banging shots. What da heck! It was my cat-shaped alarm that was buzzing loudly on the lamp stand. it was 7:30am and it was saturday. My eyes moved round the room and everything was in place except Elmo who lay helplessly on the floor. Oh poor Elmo! Reduced to an alien queen by my minds eyes. Thanks to the horror move i watched the previous night. Reaching down, i grabbed Elmo by the ear and pulled her into my shaking arms. she was my teddy bear and best friend. she was a gift from frank. Thinking of Frank, i was actually expecting him later on in the day.
Pulling Elmo into a tight embrace, we cuddled on the bed. Jeez! I've never met a jealous clock as the one i had. The alarm blarred up again. Mightier than ever. 'Well! You can't treat me like a trash can. I am also a part of this household and so have a duty to perform.' The angry alarm was screaming. i jumped out of bed furstrated and tucked Elmo in. she needed rest after the treatment i gave her.
it was saturday and i spelt shopping. Besides from the emptiness of my storage cart, it was obviously obvious that i needed to go shopping else i was unbelivably screwed. it was indeed going to be a long day. Though i was yet to find out how long. Anyway! First things first. God! I hate hangovers. My entire room and the fullness thereof revolved round my eyes. Banging my head, wall to wall, i found my way to the bathroom. Just few bottles and see how stupid i had become.
Done with bathing, satisfied with make-up, i struggled into my pencil skirt and shirt, grabbed my bogus and empty handbag and kissed Elmo goodbye.
What was the world turning into? Abakaliki also experienced traffic jam? Saturday was always a disaster. Angry Drivers blarred horns at each other increasing the rate of pollution, not to talk of global warming. One Instruction i gave myself was going solo. Ignore my sanguinity, No Friends today, No broad smile greeting. Only do my shopping and zap out.
As i was going through my shopping list the twentieth time, a voice went straight through me.

'' Looks like you might do with some help''. I turned round to see if that was actually meant for me; lo and behold, a total hottie wearing a long-sleeved button-down shirt with a T-Shirt underneath and a pair of faded jeans coupled with a killer grin starred back at me. Perfect! Just when i thought my saturday resolution was going well, here stood Mr. Handsome. That wasn't all. His smoking smile ws immediately replaced with surprise. Why was he starring at me, right inside my eyes with this intensity of shock?

'' Khrztie'' it was more of a whisper.

Jesus Christ! Mr. Handsome even knows my name. Talk of a dramatic scene, this was an award winner. '' Why am i surprised you don't remember me?'' The killer grin was back in place. That was when it struck. Holy Blessed Mary, Mother of God! Ushers were highly needed at this point because i could pass out any moment. just the guy i would have given up my life for to avoid seeing him. My heartbeat increased in a speed that would have gotten USAID on his knees. ''Eric''........ The same bloody Eric who made me fall head over heels in love with him, yet he ditched me and went after a loser. Here he stood before me, flesh and blood, still possesing that striking beauty that got me trapped. Not to talk of his sexy moves.

'Khryztie, seriously i'm surprised to see you'. He was at it again. Always having the right words to say. But this was God, handing me a goled opportunity to teach this cute ass the lesson of his life. And instruction number two; I wouldn't mess with this opportunity.

' i'm surprised as well. What are you doing in Abakaliki?' i geared my expression to neutral. If only he'll pocket those smiles.

'I'm the engineer handling the road construction going on along Afikpo road.'

'Oh i see. You're not doing bad'

' we thank God. well, look at you. You're all grown up'

'Yea. Far from the girl you messed up back then in primary school' That was it. My mouth was at its best just in the wrongest situation. How the hell could i vomit that trash to him? I was just being a total jerk and i know Eric would be seeing me as the same old fool who knows nothing about emotions, feelings and control.

'com'on! Kryztie. That was back then in P..R..I..M..A..R..Y school. For Christ's sake, we were children and you know what the drive was back then.'

son of a bitch. He was always trying to prove himself right. Why couldn't he just for once admit that he was wrong and say sorry?

''Anyway, Eric. Forget about that. Its in the past now."

''But you brought it up again.''

''Forgive my mouth. Sometimes, it says awful things.''

'' Would it be awful if i request we take a seat somewhere there, get a drink and talk things over?

Khrystie, thats not a bad idea. But experience is the best teacher. This boy is the devil in suit. Gosh! Those dimples got me reversing my thoughts. Its called flirting. Lets go have fun.

''Thats okay. Just don't keep me long. As you can see, i have a lot on my list already.''

'' I promise i won't keep you long.''

As we walked down to pick a table, i observed him. His round ass was still breath taking. The lines at the corners of his eyes added the right amount of maturity. Not that he was old at thirty, he was five years older than i was. His full, soft lips kept his chiseled cheekbones and straight nose from being too rugged. He had the right smiles. That wasn't a perfect boy, but he was pretty darn perfect. If you liked that type. Okay I did, Thank you.

Khrytie, Focus. He just wants to flirt. Play along with him.

........................ TO BE CONTINUED.

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