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Dickson sat down thinking and
pondering on the next step to take, his mind sat very close to him on the same
chair and had been whispering into his ear for a very long time. He looked at
the wrist watch on his hand, the time was 2:30pm, the sun was high up in the
sky casting hot rays to the earth. Dickson who was seated in a cafe awaited
someone whom he has always met from time to time. That person was his contact
and he just had one final job to do before leaving the service of his employer
for good.


Dickson peeked at his watch again,
this time becoming a little bit impatient. He had not known his contact to be
late and was wondering what had been keeping his contact for a very long time. Dickson
beckoned to the waitress, told her to bring another bottle of cold star lager
beer to replace the already finished one. Dickson is not much of a drinker but
he finds solace in lager beer whenever he knows he would wait for a long time.
He drinks up slowly without a care in the world and sometimes spends close to
two hours on a bottle of Star lager beer.


The door of the café opened and a
figure entered, dressed professionally, her mini briefcase in her hand. She had
a crease on her face just above the dark brown shades she was putting on. Dickson
watched her as she made her way to the bar, did some incoherent conversation
with the bar man and collected a chilled bottle of Smirnoff Ice with some
French fries on a tray. She left the bar man grinning from ear to ear,
obviously she had tipped him. She made her way down to the table where Dickson
was seated in the far end of the café. From there you can see virtually
everybody seated with those coming in and going out and also all that is
happening outside. She had always wondered why Dickson chose this place as
their place of contact. She had asked him once to which he had replied:


“The more open it is, the safer”


Dickson watched her as she made her
way down to his table without taking his eyes off the golden bubbles that were
dancing beneath the transparent cup of beer he was drinking. She sat down and
immediately dug her fingers into the fries which was smeared lavishly with red
paste. He wondered how she seemed to retain her figure despite eating such food
that contains high cholesterol.


“It will be done today, this night
by 9:30pm. None is supposed to leave the place alive as it is called the final


His contact spoke for the first time
amidst stuffing fries into her mouth.


He looked at her closely, he could
see a dark spot beneath her brown shades which efforts had been made to hide
with makeup. Her nose appeared to have a slight cut on it with a red mark of
dried blood showing there.


“Whatever happened to you?”


He asked rhetorically.


“Had a scuffle with my beast of a
boyfriend, he did this to me”


She replied mouthful. Not even a
wave of pain crossed her face.


By saying scuffle, he knew what she
meant. He knew she meant BDSM and that sure leaves her with lots of black eyes
and sometimes busted lips.


That’s none of his business by the
way so he is not getting all emotional about the whole thing. He waited for her
to down all the wine before giving her that look. She smiled and dug into the
suitcase she brought bringing out a brown envelope which she handed over to
him. He collected it, kept it beside him and waited for her to go outside as
was always the routine.


Having delivered the package, she
saw no need in waiting, moreover, her boyfriend would be waiting for her with
hotter rounds of sex. She needs to get to the sex shop where she can purchase
instruments that causes pain, because to her with pain comes pleasure.


She stood up, dressed her shirt and
walked out, stood in front of the café like she was getting used to the
sunlight before attempting to cross. Dickson watched her finely shaped buttocks
until it was swiftly taken away from his view by a moving vehicle. She had been
knocked down. He maintained his cool as people rushed out from the café and
other places to the place where he mangled body laid, the car had practically
gone over her and did not care to wait. It looked perfectly like a hit and run


In the ensuing confusion that
followed the accident, Dickson slipped away, the brown envelop neatly tucked
under his garment with a thought in his read:


“R I P to the dead, your services
has been terminated”.




Joshua could not contain the
hysterical nature of his wife as she helped wash the injured naked girl, who
was still alive. Her injury appeared to have been done using a razor sharp
object. He had turned his face when his wife had opened the naked girl’s leg to
wash in between. Semen and blood dripped out. She had found herself in some
barbaric sex practice Joshua concluded before leaving the wife to dress up the


Minutes later Rose walked into the
sitting room, her eyes teary and her mood unsavory, she held herself like she
had just discovered a great secret.


“She goes to the same school with
Jerry our son, I wonder who her parents are to let her go outside in this
unholy city”


She said as she lowered herself to
the settee close to her husband. He looked at her lovingly, typical of his
wife, always carrying other people’s burden for them. If only he had not
mentioned that condom during meal, his son probably will be there with them to identify
who the girl was.


“I wonder too, but judging from
things, I think it is a party gone wrong. Remember it is weekend.”


Joshua spoke before thinking. Rose
reading his thought jumped up the same time with him, following swiftly behind
him as he walked to the window stare into the darkness that surrounded the
house. He will be damned if his son had gone to a party, but one part of him
refused believing. His son left angry, there is no way an angry man would go to
a party he told himself as Rose embraced him from behind resting her breasts on
his back in an assuring gesture.


The Police arrived with an ambulance
and soon the girl was moved from the house to the hospital while some of the
Policemen stayed back to scan the environment and pick evidence that could be
used in case the incident needed investigating. The night appeared like it was
going to be longer as detectives from the Police had lots of question for both
Joshua and his wife. The detectives asked even the most silly of questions just
to get something they could report as the whole stuff looked to be heading
towards a dead-end.




Lola opened her eyes and was
surprised to see the anxious face of Miss. Laide staring into her face. Her
mother kept staring with love and affection and a hidden fear without the
slightest idea that Lola had opened her eyes. She was a single mother who had
been impregnated by Tobi, a sweet talking son of a rich man. The product of
that affair which Tobi denied is Lola which she had swore to give the best to.


Miss Laide worked so hard in paying
her way through school, ignoring the many men that flocked round her proposing
love. She had swore with death never to have anything to do with any man but
that still doesn’t stop her from keeping adult gadgets in the house with which
she pleasured herself anytime the feelings between her legs becomes unbearable.


“Mama, I’m sorry”


A voice spoke to Miss Laide. She
looked down to see tears streaking down the side of the face of her precious
daughter. She was moved. She lifted her hand and placed a finger on the lips of
her daughter gently to avoid causing more pain to her already swollen lips.


“Shush… You will be alright, then we
will go home”


Laide spoke lovingly, smoothing her
daughter’s hair.


“No mama, everything is not alright,
I saw it all, I even covered it on video, my phone is between the flower vases
of the house I was found in”.


Lola spoke, suppressing a sob.


Tunde had taken her to the dark
alley after he found out he could not convince her to accompany him into the
warehouse. They started making out on the bonnet of the car and she had opened
her legs wide for him, her already wet pussy tickling for some warm penis when
she had seen it. A car with its headlights off as it made its way to the
warehouse silently. She had let out a moan as Tunde found his way into her
pussy, ramming her quickly from behind while she gazed at the car which parked
with no occupant coming out. She felt the warmness of Tunde’s seed in the
condom he had worn to protect himself, he did not even last long and he was
already breathing. She despised herself for allowing Tunde turn her on but
could not satisfy her. She bent down and drew her panties up making her way
towards the warehouse in an unsteady step while Tunde trailed behind her
calling on her to stop.


She did. They had made love the second
time, this time Tunde stripping her stark naked and having her there on the low
grass that grew abundantly there. After the love making session, Tunde had
played with her hair and spoken nice things into her ear until something caught
her attention.


Three people moved out of the parked
car towards a fourth person putting on a black polo shirt which she recognized from
the light that flashed from within when he opened the door. It was Mr.Atang. She
had brought her phone out and filmed the whole thing, they going into the warehouse


She and Tunde moved closer hiding
their nakedness in the darkness for the whole place was deserted, not until the
men rushed out and jumped into the waiting car which on ignition the powerful
headlight fell on the she and Tunde. There had been a chase and she succeeding
in hiding her phone between the vases before passing out after a heard blow on
her head by one of her assailant.




“If only that woman had not come out
of the house, I would have succeeded in dragging her away”


A voice said in the darkness.


“Don’t worry, the blade you used on
her body is coated in deadly chemicals, she would be dead before 1:30 am.”


Another voice replied.

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