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The moment Jerry entered the room; he realized it was a huge mistake. What sort of Birthday party was being organized in mumbled place like this? If this was the same birthday party that Tessy was excited about and looking forward to, then he had definitely got the wrong venue.


The room was like a scientific ritual hall. Jerry blinked repeatedly, to ward off the smoke that was blurring his vision. Whatever it is the owners of the house was roasting? Did they not realize that people were in there? Or have they forgotten that they are supposed to be hosting a party here? Jerry tried to focus his view. He quickly ran his eyes round the crowd and identified most of them as fellow students in the same science class. At least, familiar faces. But what amazed him most was the fact that they were all in high spirit. What was there to be excited about?


The room had paintings and inscriptions on the wall, some did not make sense to him, while some he identified as scientific symbols and formulars. The alpha sign dominated. Something else caught his attention.  Just at the center of the room, stood a large brightly painted picture of a naked man and a woman who posed in the missionary sex position. The woman in the picture seemed to be staring deeply into Jerry’s eyes, and the smile that curved her lips sent shiver down his spine. He looked away sharply. He was too scared to look round, but he did and he found unusual items in the room.


A section of the room looked like a biology laboratory. Jerry saw experimental tubes with chemicals. He swallowed. Now this was more like it. Maybe it was going to be fun doing practicals and experiments; but how wrong he was.


Sharp and dangerous looking knives with different shapes and curves graced another section of the wall. It was an awesome sight. Other items that were obviously used for shreddings, cutting, slaughtering, butchering and what have you; were there as well.


It took Jerry a lot of blinking to realize that what was on the red clothed table was a carved image and not a real human head. To him, it looked real with droplets of blood running down its openings. Something was certainly not right here. A part of the puzzle was actually missing and things weren’t in place here. He had to find Theresa and demand for explanations. He searched the crowd and spotted her. But just in time to see the guy who was poking her breasts like he was plucking paw-paw fruits. Now, Jerry was so sure that the cardiac arrest he anticipated on arrival was close by. This was so bad. Not to think that the Theresa girl was actually giggling instead of slapping the devil out of the guy’s head. Jerry removed his eyes from them when the guy brought out the breasts and started sucking them.


He noticed that it was no different from the others. Some people were kissing, some having the real sex, others were doing it the oral way, and no one felt ashamed.


Jerry found a chair and sat down to stop the leg wobbling and throbbing headache. He had to leave here fast before it become late. The room was becoming more blurry and difficult to see a thing. He searched for the door he walked in through, and found nothing. Everywhere was wall. Jesus Christ!!! He can’t be stuck in here.


Just as he stood up to search properly for his way out, a skinny man who had attention appeared right in the middle of the room. He wore a black Polo that had the drawing of the same naked man and woman on the wall. On his appearance, every activity stopped and everywhere became still and quiet. Even with the blurred atmosphere, Jerry couldn’t mistake the face of his teacher for another. He was always stern and mean but everything that had handsome attached to it. It was no secret that girls begged him for sex, even guys had wet dreams because of him.

The shock that registered on Jerry’s face was indescribable. What the heck was Mr. Atang doing in a place like this?


Before he could find answers to that question, all the students were seated and the whole place looked like a prayer meeting. Jerry sat down. Mr. Atang was the only one standing. He was saying some things that Jerry couldn’t make out. Probably an incantation.


Jerry would be so doomed if he was in the middle of a ritual. What on heaven’s name had brought him into this kind of situation? At least, he had an answer to that.



The anatomy class that had promised to be boring turned heavenly when Mr. Atang paired him with Theresa.

The sexy pretty girl who popped up every night in his dreams. His heart did an Alingo steps when their names where mentioned. It would have made more sense if they were to dissect something more romantic other than a frog.


They worked in a disturbing silence. Jerry hardly paying attention to instructions Mr Atang was dishingout. He almost cut himself when Theresa laughed out loud.

          “Why are you laughing?” The puzzled look on his face made Theresa laugh more. “Am I doing it wrong?” he asked when Theresa shook with more laughter.

          “No no no!” Her voice was squeaky as she tried controlling her laughter. She placed a hand on his shoulder to assure him that everything was under control. “You seem a bit distracting and your hands are shaking” more laugher. Embarrassment washed through Jerry. Was she mocking him?

          “What’s going on there?” That was the unmistaken voice of Mr. Atang.

Through the corner of Jerry’s eye, he saw her wink at Mr. Atang before resuming her work. Jerry composed himself, not before giving his mind a strict warning to respect itself. They worked in silence again.

          “You seem like a very nice person” she said as she helped pin the frog.

          “Seriously?” a relaxed smile spread over his face.

          “Yea. You’re new here?” she was barely looking at him. They focused on what they were doing.

          “Yea. My dad was transferred down here. We moved in last week.”

          “That’s good. What does he do?”

The question caught him unawares. He was not yet ready to open up to anyone in his new school about the kind of work his father did. Theresa got that.

          “Am sorry if I jumped into your personal life.” She apologized.

          “No you don’t have to be.”

          “Will you be free tomorrow?” she asked. Jerry looked at her. Was she asking him out?

          “Tomorrow’s Saturday. What time are we looking at?”


          “Where and what’s happening?”

          “My birthday party.” She quoted her address. Jerry didn’t need a paper and pen to write it down. It filtered into his cerebrum without delay. He couldn’t believe he was discussing a party with this pretty lady. How situations change for good.

          “Am Jerry” he said and she smiled. “I know. Have always noticed you.”

          “Are you serious?” His heart did that trick again.

          “Yea. Anyway, my name is Theresa. Popularly called Tessy.”

          “I think I know that too.” They both smiled.

And that was how he found himself in this deep mess.

          Mr. Atang was still fixed at a spot, making incantations. But this time, other students were chanting with him. Something else had happened.

          Theresa lay before Mr. Atang stark naked. As the tempo of the incantations rose, Mr Atang started undressing. Jerry closed his eyes and whispered a very sincere prayer - - - “God, please, let it not be what am thinking that is happening here.” An Orgy was the last item on his to-do list.


Theresa lay still on the floor while Mr. Atang started exploring her naked body. Everyone stared at them. He took time to kiss every part of her body. He stopped at her ears, sucking and kissing. Theresa let out a soft moan. Mr. Atangn was encouraged. He moved down to her breast, one hand squeezing a breast, his lips sucking the other. Theresa pinned his head closer to her with her hand. He legs were spread apart and everyone could see her glistering with need. When Mr Atang moved into her, many girls were moaning loudly.


It was embarrassing when Jerry saw himself erect. This was a repulsing atmosphere and very odd for him to be thinking of sex. But he couldn’t help himself. Everyone was undressing and grabbing the nearest person. Jerry was not left out.


He was almost ejaculating inside the fourth girl when it happened. Like lightening the explosion came. There was no time to wear cloth or rush out. It just happened. The explosion engulfed the whole building. It came from the laboratory stand.



*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *


          Joshua looked at the clock the hundredth time. He could not determine whether he was irritated over the lateness of his son or the anxiety of his wife. He knew that growing up for the youth was like madness, but what he could not understand was why Jerry would decide to stay away from home because of a little misunderstanding they had.

“Darling, am getting really worried.” Like he was not seeing it. It was his wife Rose. She fidgeted over every little thing.

“Baby, relax. He may have stayed over with a friend. I know he will show up tomorrow.”

“I just hope he does. Because, he didn’t mention it at the table.”

“You know he left in a bad mood. It must have escaped his memory.”

“He left in a bad mood. You caused all this things…………..” Rose sulked and left the sitting room.


Of course, he should be flogged for looking out for his only son. Saturday’s was always a get together in the family. Before Jerry’s disappearance, he was excited and in high spirit. The loud music that was jamming from his room told the story, not to talk of the fact that the whistled to the table for breakfast. Rose didn’t miss it too.

“Jerry, you look very happy today. What’s the gist?”

“Nothing mum. Am just happy.”

“Hope it has nothing to do with the condom I saw in your wallet.”


“Darling!” The simultaneous scream from both mother and son, told Joshua that he had said the wrong thing. Thank God he had not presented it the way he planned. But when Jerry dropped his cutleries and walked away, he knew that it was badder than he thought. And of course, Rose had that you-see-what-you-have-caused look.



The scream from the lawn interrupted his thoughts.

“Rose!” he shouted and ran towards the direction of the scream.

“Oh my God…….” The words died down in his mouth as he held his wife closely and they stared at a naked girl covered with cuts, blood and fire burn. She lay lifeless on the floor.

“How did you find her?” he whispered into her wife’s shivering ears.

          “When I left you in the sitting room, I went inside the bedroom but I was uncomfortable. I decided to come outside and see if the air will help calm my nerves. I saw her lying here. Oh God, my son” she was crying. Joshua held onto her tightly. Fear also gripping him.

          “Don’t worry. He is safe. Let’s go call the police.”

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