19 Nov 2012 - 09:27:53 am
...... The cry persisted. I followed the sound and i saw a figure, dressed in dazzling white. It seemed to be moving towards me. My blood drained out. My legs developed roots and they were buried deep in the ground. I could not move. I just stood and waited. The moving figure kept coming. It was certain that whoever the ghost or baby bush was, it wasn't going to meet a living being, cos i was just standing there for fancy. My mind, soul and spirit were already of Blessed memory.
As the object approached, i was now able to decipher what it was. Blessed virgin Mary! Chidimma Nwadinabyke. She was the awkward new girl who had the bent figure of Silas maner. She was actually from his decendant cos being weird was her watch word. Her immaculate white nightgown was what gave me the coldest crip. She was giggling with her hands covering her mouth,gesturing that i kept quiet. 'what are you doing here?' she whispered. I gave her that my cute are-you-kidding-me stare. ' i should be asking you what you are doing in the bush dressed like the queen of the coast'. Holy crap! How could i even think of that queen, talk more of saying out the name? What if the ghost was impersonating Chidimma? I shivered in fear. I guess she didnt even hear what i said cos she was now talking and laughing.
' after the night prep, i sneaked back to the class to enjoy my abacha....(typical chidimma- sneaking into the class to eat abacha at night) so i slept off (what did i tell you). I woke up not long ago and decided to return to the hostel. As i approached that borehole close to the hostel, i saw the long reflection of our housemistress torchlight'. I nearly fainted. Red house mistress was not a woman to contend with. The name alone gave me intensive high blood pressure.
Chidimma continued. ' so,as i saw the light, i dodged behind that mango tree. She called out 'who's there?', i maintained and stood my ground. But as i heard her footsteps approaching, nothing else occurred to me than those stories those heartless seniors told us. My dear, that was how i started screaming and crying like a baby bush. The manner and form this woman took eh, she would have earned nothing less than the first position in any olympic game. You never know your talents until you get compelling situations to showcase them. Mehn! That woman can run'. She burst into laughter. While she was narrating her experience, my ribs were already vibrating in laughter. But our house mistress was at stake here. She could still be anywhere in this bush. That is if she even survived the 1000X meters race.
I stepped away from my stool and started cleaning up. Chidimma stared at the shit in total surprise. It was a miracle her eyes didnt shoot out from its sockets. She resumed another round of laughter.
I held her by the hand and started dragging her towards the hostel.
As we were sneaking into the hostel,our house mistress saw the white night gown from the gap inbetween the door and wall. Who could have imagined she ran to the hostel for safety. She let out a loud and enormous scream alerting sleepers.
All hell was let loose. The darkness worsened the situation. People bumped into one another, hitting heads on the wall randomly. It was a mass running as other hostels also ran from what they didnt know.
In the morning assembly the next day, it was reported that baby bushes had invaded the school and so students should be careful and avoid coming out at night.
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